2-days Facilitation training in Management 3.0

Theory, discussion and practice are mixed during the training. The first day begins with how management has developed from the 1800s to today and how companies today still cling to a traditional management approach towards employees (Taylorism and theory x) when the world has changed and our organizations are exposed to very different demands today. An overview of all the methods that are related to Lean and Agile provide a basic understanding of agile values and how leadership needs to change. A short section on complexity theory lays the foundation for a deep dive into agile leadership where the goal is to motivate and commit without carrots and sticks. To release intrinsic motivation require expertise on what needs we have and how these can be satisfied on the job – we play Moving motivators to better understand the team members, a card game that can be used both for individuals, teams and in a recruitment context.

Empowerment and delegation is trained withm Delegation poker and The Ellen game provides the opportunity to assess an employee with limited information to support her development in the best way.

Day two begins with a block on competence development, agile learning and how to measure improvement followed by what is important to consider when a company grows and how to build a structure that changes with the organization’s needs and requirements. We play Meddlers to practice how to build teams that can service more customers and projects and make various proposals for how an agile organization can scale up as your business grows. Finally, a section on the four perspectives on change and what we must consider if we are to change an organization fundamentally both from an individual, relational, systemic and global perspective.

Lots of practical exercises and examples make this 2-day training into a fun and action-packed experience that will give you a whole new perspective on what leadership is!

Games & Exercises

Jurgen Appelo has created a variety of games and exercises that engage employees, improve performance and delight customers. Increase the motivation of your employees with the Moving motivators, play Delegation poker to find the right delegation level for each decision and use Kudo cards to reward your employees.

Your workout leader is Pia-Maria Thorén, with 25 years of experience as a consultant within agile and management in large Swedish companies, founder of Agile People and author of the book Agile People – A Radical Approach for HR and Managers (That Leads to Motivated Employees). 

Target groups

Managers, Consultants, HR, business operations managers, team members, line managers and anyone interested in learning more about how to work better and get more engaged employees and teams.

Price: 1.450 EUR

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