Agile HR – Certification and Workshop

Agile is basically a way of thinking how organizations should respond to a complex and changing world. By increasingly developing flexibility and adaptability, work in short feedback loops, providing autonomy and transparency increases learning and value creation for the customer. More and more organizations are now seeing the value in applying the agile mindset also in HR, both in the internal work but perhaps most importantly how an HR department helps to support an organization’s agility. When traditional processes focus on command and control, an agile HR-functions role is to create value and support unique needs.

Traditional HR Agile HR
Processes Episodic Ongoing
  Reactive Proactive
  One-size-fits-all, standardized No-size-fits-all, On a needs basis
  Push Pull
Organization Machine Network
  Individual Team
Leadership Management Employeeship
Human view Negative (theory X) Positive (theory Y)
Motivation Extrinsic Intrinsic
Feedback Seldom Often
HR:s role Control and implement standards Support and coach organizational agility

Through workshops, certification trainings (open trainings or tailored to your specific needs) and good practices and agile principles, we kan help you to implement agile HR-processes in your organization. We offer Certification in Agile HR and a Workout with practices to kick-start your agile inititiative.

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