Succession planning (internal recrutiment) is about replacing key competence when the people holding them, for some reason, disappear from the organization. The dependence on specific individuals will decrease when you work more with team skills than individual skills. However, one needs to keep track of the unique key competencies required for the business and always ensure that you have access to these.

Talent pools

To facilitate the process of finding the right person for a specific task / project / role or manager position, it’s common to work with talent pools. With a good IT system support, you can set the criteria needed for people to be part of a specific talent pool. The matching criteria create a group that you can choose from when you need to recruit internally. The alternative is to let the team themselves tale responibility for internal recruitment and skills development so that you always have the right competencies available to get the job done. All employees should strive to be included in one or several pools of talent, in order to find the expertise needed if necessary.

Integration with competence management and goals & performance

All information that is stored and connected to our employees coming from competence development and working with goals and performance can be used to effectively manage internal recruitment, talent pools and finding replacements for key positions / roles in the organization. Depending on how the business looks and the current degree of delegation, you may involve employees in the important work of ensuring that there is always the right skills in place – it increases the sense of commitment and motivation.