To get a jump-start on a Talent management initiative and find out why, what and how, it may be a good idea to run a Vision Workshop.

Why should we work with Talent management? What is it we want to achieve and what steps we need to take towards the goals? How do we implement the project and where should we start? What are the consequences if you do it one way or the other? Who should do what and what are the risks and success factors?

In a Vision Workshop process owners and HR management dig into these issues during a focused half-day. After 4 hours, the problems, goals and a vision have been identified and we have a rough project plan for implementation.

A problem tree will show the current situation and the consequences if we do nothing. By analyzing root causes we can increase the understanding further. We work with large graphic templates on the wall, which involve everyone and help to reach consensus.

Next, the desired future vision and the goals to get there are in focus. The rough project plan, finishes the day with a concrete “To Do” list. Now we know where we are heading!

Vision Workshop in a nutshell

  • Get a jump-start on your Talent Management initiative
  • Identify the project scope and who is doing what
  • The focus is on finding out what you want to achieve and why
  • Graphic visualization is both fun and facilitates consensus
  • Risks are visible and can be eliminated early
  • Success factors are discussed

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