The market for People and Talent management systems is under constant development and the number of players is increasing all the time. To make things even more complex, there are many different modules as well as configuration options. We help you to choose the provider that suits your business requirements best. In a feasibility study, we develop what requirements the business has and what processes should be prioritized.

In order to grow and build a greater market share, many vendors buy niche players as a way to grow larger quicker. Partly to get access to their customers, but also to integrate the specific functionality with their own product. Unfortunately, the integration is rarely optimal, but instead create problems for the customer. Most suppliers operating worldwide have few or no representatives in Scandinavia, which means that it is often difficult to get in touch or hold meetings with them.

Our collective knowledge of the various People / Talent management system suppliers and their strengths and weaknesses facilitate the process of choosing the best fit for your specific needs. The player who received the best reviews in the international comparisons are not always the one that fits your organization best. In order to know which platform suits your company best, we need to conduct an analysis of your requirements and needs as well as match them towards the features of the system suppliers product.

We have performed a number of vendor selections and has thus established contacts with many of the suppliers. Therefore, we can quickly arrange meetings and demonstrations as soon as we have clear requirements. We also have regular contact with international research companies to take part of the latest trends and research findings in People and Talent management.

In order to determine whether a supplier fits your organization we need information from several key individuals with in-depth insight into the company. When it comes to selecting and specifying these needs, you will probably have to make compromises between different stakeholders. Therefore it is important to structure the requirements and differentiate between those that are “must haves” and those that are “shoulds”, “coulds” and “wishes”.

Steps in the supplier selection process:

  • Start with a vision workshop to find out the scope and objectives
  • Continue with looking at closer at processes and workflows that are the basis for people flows today (eg competence management, goal breakdown and succession planning)
  • Break down to prioritized requirements or “user stories”
  • Determine how well these can be implemented in the different platforms
  • Also consider non-functional requirements such as operations & maintenance, usability and suppliers’ financial stability
  • Invite the suppliers that are still valid to demonstrations on site with process owners, HR-specialists and other stakeholders

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