When the feasibility study and system vendor selection is ready, it is time to start implementing processes and systems. It’s all about a change project that affects the whole or parts of the organization, depending on what parts you choose to work with and in what order. The feasibility study has contributed with a plan for how implementation should proceed. Now is the time to make the plans come true!

During implementation, the organization prepared to start working with the new processes and the new IT-system. There are many elements that need to be put in place and some of the main activities are the following:

  • Configuration of the IT system according to business requirements
  • Develop job roles and competencies
  • Develop support materials and training documentation (including e-mail texts)
  • Rollout and training
  • Communication / information about the change and what is expected from all stakeholders
  • Migrating information in existing IT systems to the new solution
  • Integration with eg personnel database or payroll system
  • Develop reports
  • Prepare operations / maintenance organization
  • Possibly dismantle old IT systems

GreenBullet have project managers, architects, trainers and experienced consultants in all areas of Talent management and help you succeed with the implementation and roll out!

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