The feasibility study should focus on how the project result will be taken care of when the solution has been implemented. If you don’t take maintenance and support into consideration at an early stage and involve the right stakeholders, you risk having noone to transfer the process & system solution to. We have the skills required for effective maintenance and support of Malent management solutions.

After completion of the Talent management rollout the need for support of both processes, information and system solution becomes evident. Issues of different nature arise when working in a new way and you need to quickly get help and coaching by a professional support team. Sometimes you need external help to complete your own support organization for a short or longer period. Reports also need to be developed to support well-informed decisions.

GreenBullets consultants have extensive experience of helping with everything from adding new users to answer questions about how the process is implemented in the system. Training can be conducted among users by video / WebEx. Another aspect that one needs to take into account is the new functionality that is regularly released from the provider and the decision to use it or not. What are the consequences for the organization and processes if we accept the new features? We support you as long as you have a need for external support.

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