Agile People (meetup group) exist in Gothenburg and Stockholm

GreenBullet organizes meetups in cooperation with Agile People. The purpose of the network Agile People is to inspire and provide knowledge sharing in a relatively new and undiscovered area – how agile principles and practices can be applied to HR and leadership, not just to IT development projects.

We invite speakers and motivators with practical experience on related topics, and create space for discussion and dialogue. Our hope is to provide a space where we can get access to a broad network outside the members organization where we can bounce questions and get inspired. Agile People initially started in Stockholm, but has since 2013 we also have a meetup group in Gothenburg.

The meetups are free of charge, but there are activities organized using the Agile People name associated with a fee, such as our conference Agile People Sweden.

Learn more about Agile People on or sign up for a meetup!